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The application relates to a two storey, semi-detached dwelling located in a cul de sac in Chapel Allerton, Leeds. The site is situated in a residential area where the nearby properties are constructed with the similar materials and style.

The front of the property comprises a large front garden and side driveway that leads to a detached garage. To the rear is a relatively generous garden area and landscaping to the common boundaries.

The proposal is for the erection of a single-storey rear extension which will link with the existing side and rear extension to form one large wrap around extension. The proposed rear extension will have a maximum projection of 2.885m and measure 6.88m in length. The extension will have a splayed edge and will connect with the applicants existing side extension. The proposal seeks to re-roof parts of the existing roofs on side extension and re-roof the existing roof on the rear extension, the proposed roof would be mono pitched.

The height to pitched would be approx. 4m and the height to eaves will measure approx. 3m. The proposal also seeks to change the existing fenestration on the existing rear extension, from a window to a sliding door. The extension will be finished in brick work to match the existing dwelling.

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